Dallas Pride Parade

Dallas’ first gay Pride parade was a small affair by today’s standards.

In 1972, just three after the Stonewall riots in New York City, a festive group of between 250 and 300 men and women gathered to show their pride. They marched through downtown, waving signs and chanting gay rights slogans before a crowd that grew to about 3,000.

There were a few floats, but nothing elaborate; most of the participants walked the route or rode in gaily decorated vehicles.

The next day, the local dailies published photos of what today would be seen as a sedate event but was, in the early 70s, a bold and brave statement.

The first parade made news when it happened. But still, the next one didn’t happen until 1980.

The spirit of Pride and celebration shine through each year as organizers prepare for the annual Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade.

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