Rainbow Resources is committed to empowering the LGBTQ community about knowing their status and encouraging others to get involved in the movement. For more information about where to get tested please read the information below and click the link.

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Healthy Tips:

Eating healthily is all about balance. Every now and then it’s perfectly OK to have pie for dinner or a nice slice of cake – treats are a part of life – but it's also important to recognize when we're pushing things too far. Indulgent food should be enjoyed and savoured, but only occasionally – it's important to remember that the majority of our diet should be made up of balanced, nutritious everyday foods. Make healthy food a priority in your life and allow it to bring your family and friends together. Learn to love how it makes you feel, how delicious it is and remember that a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise are the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

10 tips to healthy :

  1. Cook from scratch
  2. Eat a balanced diet
  3. Variety is the key
  4. Understand what you are eating
  5. Eat nutritious calories
  6. Don't skip breakfast
  7. Read the small print
  8. Drink more water
  9. Keep active
  10.  Sleep well

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Ways to Squeeze Healthier Habits Into a Super Busy Schedules:

  1. Prep on the weekends for seamless weeknight meals
  2. Turn TV time into fitness time
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Eat meals instead of snacking all day
  5. Add veggies to everything
  6. Pump up the protein
  7. Keep a stash of healthy snacks such as unsweetened dried fruits, trail mix and veggies